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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday Talks, Episode 2

Unfortunately, the last two books I have read have not been some of my favorites. I do not agree with bashing books as they were not terrible, just not my 'cup of tea'. So for today's "episode" of Tuesday Talks, I'm going to share an exciting (well, it's exciting to me) new way of selecting a book to read.

If you're like me, you buy books faster than you can read them--shocking, I know. I buy books in bulk, unable to commit to only one. I would say, on average, I purchase anywhere between four to seven books a month, blame it on my indecisiveness.

Fun story: When I was younger, my mom and I would often go to bookstores--don't worry, we still do this but lucky for her, I'm able to purchase my own books. I would have such a hard time deciding on only one novel. When I would ask her to buy me a few, she would often say "just pick one." My rebuttal became, "At least I'm asking you to buy me books and not drugs." To this, she had no argument. I normally got each book I wanted. Thanks, mom!

Back to current day, after finishing my most recent book, I decided to alphabetize my bookshelves. Yes, I'm that dedicated to my books. As if I haven't admitted to my nerd life enough recently.

While sorting through my books, I realized how many I had not yet read. I like to refer to my bookshelves as the "Brittany Library" as I often let my friends check out books. How weird would it be if someone were to keep asking me about specific books on my shelves and I hadn't even read them?

I made a list of the books I have not read (spoiler alert, it was longer than I had thought) and wrote each novel on a separate sheet of paper. I placed these sheets of paper into a cup which is now placed on top of one of my bookshelves. Now whenever I finish a book, I simply reach into the cup and select my next book.

Whenever I do order new books, I include them in the cup. This keeps me from only reading my newly purchased books. Those books purchased a few months ago do not continue being pushed to the back burner until I finally forget I have them.

I'm super thrilled to finally tackle my list of pending books. All of the books I've purchased were once a point of interest for me so I'm only excited to be able to share new and old books with you as I continue on this journey.

Here's to always reading and looking for new ways to keep it saucy. Please feel free to leave any book recommendations in the comments below! If you're wanting an honest review on a book, I'm happy to be that person. Also, if you're reading a book and looking for someone to discuss with, I'm your girl!

Happy reading, my friends!

Also, see below: I documented the creation of this process via Snapchat. I typically snap my new book selection whenever it occurs. Join me on Snapchat at @bnmoffitt to see what I'm reading next! (I look rough, ignore me.)

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