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Monday, April 8, 2019

Subscriptions You Need Before Summer

True Life: I'm Addicted to Subscription Boxes. Trying new things and having them delivered right to my door is a luxury I can't get enough of.

I've tried out quite a few so it's very easy to decide which ones work for me and which ones do not.

Since warmer weather is on its way in NC, today I wanted to talk about three subscription boxes + one website that can help you save money (if you hate subscription boxes, at least check out the fourth one) while we all begin our Spring/Summer shopping (p.s. this is not an ad, I'm in no way affiliated with these boxes --just honest reviews from a longtime customer. I do NOT have it like that).

Stitch Fix 

I'm going to be honest, I tried Stitch Fix a few years ago and was not impressed. I'm anything but a splurger on clothes, I prefer cheaper things that may not last as long (sue me). I am constantly switching up my wardrobe so I'd rather spend $10 on something that will only stick around for a year. When I received my first box years ago, everything was just too expensive for me.

I decided to give it another try because I hate going out and shopping. My first box came before our trip to Europe. I explained that I would be somewhere really cold and was looking for warm items.

My stylist did a great job of providing cute ideas but ultimately, I only kept a pair of jeans. I provided a detailed response of why I did not select anything else--the jacket was too expensive for me & I had already purchased a very nice one for my trip, I was not a fan of the navy top she sent me because I prefer more neutral colors that can be worn with anything (I wear a lot of black jeans). Things like this. I was VERY detailed and it paid off.

Since then, I've received two boxes from the same stylist (Also, I recommend sticking with the same stylish, they become very knowledgeable on your style and preferences). The second box was great! She really understood what I liked, took my feedback to heart, and I ended up getting 3 items from my second box.

Then came my third box. It was like Christmas. I responded to my stylist and told her I truly thought we were friends in real life now. She nailed it. I purchased the entire box because it was hopelessly and perfectly all my style. I could not be more pleased.

The moral of the story is, give it some time. Be honest in your feedback. Don't be afraid to tell them "I hate this color and would never wear it." They are here for you.

Below is an example of a shirt I got from my Stitch Fix box. ADORABLE, RIGHT? My friends couldn't believe I didn't pick it out myself because it's definitely "me" style.


This is a company I have written about before but honestly, I feel the same way now as I did back then. This is a subscription box you cannot live without.

I recently took two quarters off (it is only sent over 3 months--1 for each season) and I honestly missed it. I would see my friends post about it and knew it was something I couldn't go without.

This month when I signed back up, I signed up too late to make my selection for preferences. This meant that they sent me things based on my account information. This was even cooler because I did not know what I was receiving.

It ranges from skincare products (de-puffing eye cream, sunscreen for your face), make-up (a lip color kit, contour kit), clothing (robe, scarf), life accessories (picnic kit, stainless steel water bottle), and other goodies (collagen water enhancement). I do not explore skincare and make-up brands as much as I should so this is truly groundbreaking. Did I mention these are FULL SIZED products? I've tried other make-up boxes and now my bathroom cabinet is full of these tiny little bottles I never really used.

The timeline is fantastic. Receiving these every three months does not break the bank and does not provide too many products to keep up with.

To check-out FabFitFun and to get $10 off on your first box, use this link.


This one is for my active ladies. I recently joined a gym with a personal trainer and have upped my yoga class attendance. With this, I needed some inspiration. What better way to inspire myself than to get new gym clothes? Ellie is perfect for those who are interested in name brand apparel but do not necessarily want to spend the money.

Hate shopping for leggings? They let you pick them! The outfits come pre-selected and you pick which one is your favorite. See some examples of this month's options below:

Only $39.99 a month, it's a steal for a pair of leggings, a sports bra, and an outwear item (tank, shirt, long sleeve - you get to pick which outfit is best for you). You do have the ability to add two more items for an increased price. This are typically accessories for working out. For example, this month is a make-up remover and gym gloves.

To sign-up for Ellie and to receive 25% off your first order, click this link.


This one isn't technically a subscription box but is the money saver I promised. Seriously, if you are a heavy online shopper and have no subscribed for Ebates, DO IT IMMEDIATELY.

In the few months I have been on Ebates, I've made $224.51. You read that right, over $200. FROM SHOPPING. Here is the only proof you need.

How does this work? Ebates has a partnership with certain companies and when you make an online purchase, you can receive cashback based on the amount spent. All you have to do is add this plugin to your browser and it will automatically alert you when you could get cashback for making a purchase.

You can receive cashback on large purchases such as Expedia. Think about booking a flight and simply getting $5 or $10 back. Wouldn't that be nice?

You're welcome.

Now you won't be able to make back a large sum of money from just a few purchases as a lot of websites cashback rates are between 1%-3%. Referrals, of course, help.

To sign-up for Ebates and receive $10 automatically with your first purchase, use this link.


Happy shopping, everyone! If you decide to check out any of these subscriptions or if you are currently subscribed, let me know what you think and what you enjoy.

Have a subscription box you love not mentioned above? Share it with me! I'd love to see which boxes you enjoy.

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