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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

For Those Looking to Read More in the New Year

If there is anything I know like the back of my hand, it is books.

I cannot tell you enough how much I enjoy reading. I always have and always will.

I mentioned before in an earlier post that I am a member of Book of the Month club. Their recommendations have helped me step out of my reading comfort zone and explore new worlds. I've read sci-fi books, love stories, and historical novels, each one better than the last.

In the last few weeks, BOTM has been having their members vote for the annual Book of the Year Award, the Lolly Award. I'm pleased to say one of my favorites was this year's recipient.

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things
By: Bryn Greenwood

I'm not a girl who is overly romantic. These types of novels bore me. I'm much happier with a night in, involving a horror film and Chinese takeout.

I was hesitant when selecting All the Ugly and Wonderful Things. I wasn't prepared to read another perfect love story between two perfect characters drawn together by fate.

This is a love story that will take you by surprise. What is beautiful about it? It's far different from the rest. It's honest. 

This book does not focus on beautiful princesses and happily ever after. This is a real life love story. One that we may overlook in the world.

Not all loves are beautiful. Some are messy. Some are ugly. Some are wonderful. All should be embraced.

While I do not recommend this book for the faint heart. There are drug dealers, murder, and some explicit sex scenes--not to mention the main girl is barely a teenager who is dating someone twice her age. It's a story about finding love where you least expect it. It emphasizes that at the end of the day, we all want someone to care for us. Especially when we're battered and bruised.

Someone can bring out the good in us when we can't seem to find it within ourselves.

I highly recommend checking out this book. I flew through it in less than 48 hours because I was so anxious to learn more about Wavy and her life. Not to mention, there is a twist near the end of the novel that even I didn't see coming.

As always, please feel sure to share some of your book recommendations in the comment section. There is nothing better than sharing a good book with someone who will truly appreciate it.

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  1. Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk is a great read!

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