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Monday, October 1, 2018

How to Survive Haunted Houses/Trails

For those of you who know me, you know very well that October is my time to thrive. Even when I was younger, I have always been obsessed with Halloween.

Today marks the most marvelous day of the year - October 1st!

Let's be honest. Every month is Halloween for me but now is the only time I can actually decorate and dress-up. 

While I'm mapping out my plans for the next month--have to squeeze in every single Halloween themed adventure that I can--it popped into my head how much people hate haunted houses/trails.

This is one of my favorite parts of this month. For me, being scared is more of a thrill or adrenaline rush. I know all too well that many others do not feel this way.

"You're not dragging me to another haunted house this year, Brittany..." Imagine how many times I've heard that line.

For you haunted house/trail newbies, I'm going to break it down for you. If you have a friend like me who is relentless in dragging your group of friends to a haunted house, I'm going to help you get through it.

  1. Bring at least two tough people with you. Whenever I go to a haunted house with friends, I give them the option--put me in the front or put me in the back. My recommendation is to ALWAYS put your least afraid attendee in the back. While you may think that leading the way is terrifying (it can be), these people are seasoned veterans. They know that the people in the front as leading the way for a reason. They are less likely to scare you and will sometimes use the first person as a marker to begin their scaring. 
    1. Final word of advice: Bring someone to put in the front and someone to put in the back. The person in the back will be the "stalked" person. It doesn't hurt to have three, place them directly in the middle to break-up the scaredy cats in the middle. 
  2. At all costs, try not to act so afraid. If you run or scream, they will latch themselves onto you. That scary man with the chainsaw that isn't real? If you run from him, he will run after you. Imagine how anti-climatic it is for him to start chasing someone who doesn't run from him? Guess what he will do? Find the next unsuspecting victim. 
    1. Final word of advice: You will get scared and jump - everyone does. But limit it to that. Try not to continue screaming or running. These actors do this for a thrill. They will most certainly go after the person who is crying in a corner. 
  3. If you're into it, pregame the haunted house. The most important rule is to have a sober driver but if you're THAT nervous, drink a little to calm your nerves. 
    1. Final word of advice: Pregame a little if you want to. Do not show up obliterated as they will likely not let you into the haunted house and you may be a danger to yourself and the actors. 
  4. Recognize what you are afraid of. If you're afraid of clowns, I'm willing to bet my right arm that there will be numerous clowns in every single haunted house and haunted trail. 
    1. Final word of advice: Recognize your fears and tell everyone in your group. For example, I've become more claustrophobic as I've gotten older. Because of this, I let my friends know that if an enclosed space pops up in the middle of the haunted house, I'm booking it out of there as fast as possible. While you may fear one thing, someone else may be willing to take the heat during a tough part for you. 
  5. TRY TO HAVE SOME FUN! It's all in the spirit of Halloween so while you are afraid, enjoy yourself a little. You're with friends or your significant other. You'll all laugh after that one time that Johnny got super spooked and screamed. All about the memories. 
    1. Final word of advice: Suggest a place that has a haunted house + other activities. The Haunted Mill in Belmont is a great example. A group of my friends and I went through the haunted house then played a round of glow-in-the-dark mini golf afterwards. We all had some good laughs about the house and how scared everyone was. It gave us a chance to winddown. 
      1. You could even do this first if you're THAT nervous. May help calm your nerves before entering. 
Will definitely be planning to post more about some of my favorite October events in Charlotte, scary movies you MUST see, and any other suggestions for fun activities. 

Take my advice and try out a haunted house. You won't regret it (or you probably will but it'll be fun)!

Happy Halloween, my spooks. 

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