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About Me

(2016) Growing up in a small town leads to one main goal... getting out. Though I may not have ventured far, I'm a transplant small town girl living in a not-so-small city. I kept my accent but I sold my cowboy boots.

When I started this blog, I argued with myself for months on whether or not people would take the time to read my thoughts. This blog can accurately be described as a "feel good". I talk about the good and sometimes even the bad. No limits and no expectations.

Hobbies. Reading preferences. Travels. Recipes. Recommendations. You can find it all right here.

I hope you'll join me for this journey. Maybe I'll inspire you to travel somewhere new, try something different, or pick up a new book.

Check out my adventures in real time on my Instagram page (@brittanymoffitt) and on Facebook.

No matter what, always be mellow and yet chaotic.

To love & unruliness,


(2019) Revamp - though I do still love what I originally wrote. It is still very apparent in my life. While my hobbies and recipes haven't really been major showcases for this blog, I have really begun to flourish as a travel and lifestyle blogger. I love sharing my recommendations with you all and telling you about beautiful places in the world.

I still hope to continue inspiring like-minded individuals to travel, read a new book, or try something new. After all, it is the only life we have.

Thank you for being a part of my dream and my world.

May we remain loving & chaotic,

B x 2

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