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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I Can Hang Out With Dogs AND Get Paid? Sign Me Up

Talk about falling off the bandwagon, sheesh...

I feel as if I've been on the go for months now. Things have been hectic but it's been a super busy and great few weeks. It is my FAVORITE time of the year and tons of great things are happening. The weather will hopefully start getting cooler, Halloween is right around the corner, scary movies are on TV all the time. You know this makes me a happier camper.

What better way to bounce back to my blogging then to talk about one of my favorite things on the planet? Puppies! (Yes, all dogs are puppies, don't care how old they are.)

This question is for all of you dog-owners out there: How many times have you been out and about, enjoying some adult beverages, lost track of time, and realized you had to cut your plans short to get back to your adorable little pup?

Don't feel guilty. This happens all the time. Dogs need love too. Unfortunately, I'm not fortunate enough to have a perfect pup of my own but I've witnessed this with numerous friends.

As always, I'm here to assist.

I've recently discovered Wag!, a new dog-walking service that could benefit you and me.

If you have to stay late at work or something pops up and you know your furry four-legged friend is due for a bathroom break, you can schedule a walk with one of Wag!'s trusted dog-walkers (aka me).

The app allows the dog-walker to request the walk. Once approved, they will send an ETA, letting you know how long until they get to your house. Once they arrive, they will check-in and provide updates along the way. The app even gives the ability to take pictures, videos, and indicate the specific route taken during the walk.

Feeling weird about someone you may not walking your dog? Note that there is extensive background checks and safety quizzes required of all dog walkers. Help people like me hang out with the dogs we cannot necessarily have.

You can download the Wag! app on your phone or visit the website to register. Be sure to use my promo code BRITTANY7672 for a $101 credit towards the service of your choice! That's NUMEROUS walks that you could take advantage of.

Be sure to sign-up today as this deal is only going on for a limited time.

In the meantime, let's keep our fingers crossed that I jump back on the blogging train.

Happy Tuesday!

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